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Last Day in Japan

4/18/13 by Six-String-Ally
Updated 4/18/13

Want to visit Japan? On my last day in Japan I got to see a beautiful Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine, and Sakura park. Check out my post here.


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Now this is the kind of content I expected to find in the first posts! :) The temple ritual/process was interesting to read about, and the Sakura looks nice though... that park looks crowded!

When you say a prayer at the temple, who do you direct your prayers towards? I mean, since there are no gods in Budhism... or have I missed something? Maybe Shinto is mixed in? Good reading.

5/26/13 Six-String-Ally responds:

About the prayer, that is a good question. In some sects of Buddhism, they do believe in gods. Perhaps that's who people pray to.



Ah! Did the bad bit of your body feel better afterwards? What was your fortune?
I should probably be asking these questions on your site, but it looked so clean there :3

5/26/13 Six-String-Ally responds:

Unfortunately, I don't remember noticing any change after the "smoke healing well." My fortune was kind of general the way fortune cookies are, except that there were multiple sentences. I don't remember that much of it though. :-( And feel free to post on my site. It's okay :-)