First Visit to Japan

2013-04-04 22:43:15 by Six-String-Ally

Read about my first visit to Japan here.


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2013-04-09 11:32:10

Must've been awesome. The post didn't reveal much, but at least I now know what the trip was like. :P

I'm hoping to go there myself eventually, been learning Japanese at an incredibly slow pace in spare time (1-2 words each day) for the past month or so, so... maybe in a decade. The culture there seem fascinating. Anyway, looking forward to a follow-up blog!

(Updated ) Six-String-Ally responds:

In college, one of the textbooks I used to study Japanese was the Genki Series. Here's a link to the textbook website that has a free resource room. f_en

You can practice the different "alphabets," listening, and vocab.

Hope it helps :-)


2013-05-27 03:38:12

My daily world-learning project backfired a bit in the wake of time (it's too busy now), but thanks for the tip. I definitely will dive into the ancient wisdoms of this foreign alphabet eventually!