Last Day in Japan

2013-04-18 22:52:01 by Six-String-Ally

Want to visit Japan? On my last day in Japan I got to see a beautiful Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine, and Sakura park. Check out my post here.


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2013-04-18 23:51:44

Ah! Did the bad bit of your body feel better afterwards? What was your fortune?
I should probably be asking these questions on your site, but it looked so clean there :3

Six-String-Ally responds:

Unfortunately, I don't remember noticing any change after the "smoke healing well." My fortune was kind of general the way fortune cookies are, except that there were multiple sentences. I don't remember that much of it though. :-( And feel free to post on my site. It's okay :-)


2013-04-26 12:58:22

Now this is the kind of content I expected to find in the first posts! :) The temple ritual/process was interesting to read about, and the Sakura looks nice though... that park looks crowded!

When you say a prayer at the temple, who do you direct your prayers towards? I mean, since there are no gods in Budhism... or have I missed something? Maybe Shinto is mixed in? Good reading.

Six-String-Ally responds:

About the prayer, that is a good question. In some sects of Buddhism, they do believe in gods. Perhaps that's who people pray to.