Show Tomorrow

2013-07-25 22:53:42 by Six-String-Ally

I get to perform for the second time!!! (It's tomorrow!!) You can read about it here.


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2013-07-25 23:39:40

Now, Ally, as good as it is that you're moving up in the world, wouldn't it be swell if you contributed to Newgrounds more than just news of other places? Perhaps a few demos or something, I dunno. Maybe even other mediums as side projects for fun the the art or voice acting departments.

(Updated ) Six-String-Ally responds:

Thanks for your suggestions. Doing side projects sounds like fun. I was wondering if you have any suggestions about how to get involved in that... Thanks :-)


2013-07-26 06:06:30

Hope you're sleeping soundly, and can attack the stage with all force necessary for a flawless gig! Got the weekends off? After a show can be a let down, but it's really just another memory to be savored :)
Mr. Dragomir is a bit of a verbose sort in the BBS here, but does suggest a good point. You could very easily advertise for a little VA (voice acting) work here, though the best you could hope for would be a cut of the ad-rev, if that. There are paying gigs here, but having some VA work under your belt, would increase your exposure to successful producers....

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Do you have any advice about how I can get involved in VA? Thanks!! :-)


2013-07-26 13:26:20

Ignore Vicarious, the boy's gone senile.

Well, assuming you have a decent microphone, you can scour this section an to find people looking for help on projects. You can fiddle with the settings and, in your case, may favour music and voice acting. Seeing as you're a singer, you ought to have good control of your voice and can get expressive with it. You can watch random cartoons here and there to get a sense of how VA goes. And remember to have fun - Newgrounds isn't as much of a success story as other sites.

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thanks for the advice!!!! :-)