2013-11-07 19:52:38 by Six-String-Ally


I'm super excited right now because my KICKSTARTER got approved today, and it's up and running!!!

I'm trying to raise $1,000 in 21 days because making this album is the most important thing to me! It's been my lifelong dream!

If any of you are interested in making a donation to get a digital or hardcopy of the CD, you can do so here.

Thanks soooo much for checking out my KICKSTARTER!!!



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2013-11-13 15:03:06

Just found you, holyshit you write some awesome stuff.

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thank you so much! :-)


2013-11-16 09:12:55

Woah, not even a week and you've already reached the goal, congrats; good luck; I'm going to check out those pledge perks now...

(Updated ) Six-String-Ally responds:

Thank you! I'm really excited about it!!!! :-)