MY CD IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

2014-01-25 15:11:40 by Six-String-Ally

On Thursday, I received the physical copies of my debut album, TEMPTATION. I am soooooo excited about it!!!!!

I wrote about it on Thursday, and you can check out the story  here




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2014-01-25 16:29:40

Wow, super congratulations! I'd be pretty chuffed if I was on an album, and even more so if it looked as brilliantly stylish as this!

By the looks of what you've written on your website, you certainly sound grateful towards the people who helped fund your musical journey and it's great that there were backers to help out and make it all a success.

I'm a little far from Wisconsin and America in general, I'm afraid. I would be happy to check out your music if you intend to put it out on something like Bandcamp in the future, though.

(...or anywhere online I suppose.)

Take care, keep it up and best wishes!


Six-String-Ally responds:

Thanks for your support! :-) Right now the digital version is available on my website( I plan on putting samples of the songs on Newgrounds, and eventually putting the songs up on other websites. :-)


2014-08-22 14:24:29

Hey, it's been too long! How are sales? Have you edited any songs for NG yet?

Cool, you're playing the Lounge today, I remember when you first played there how (slightly) nervous you were at performing before an audience :)

Six-String-Ally responds:

I've really been enjoying performing and hope to do more of it :-) My goal is to put up songs on Newgrounds this month :-)


2014-09-05 16:41:02

Glad to hear things are going your way! Can I order one of your albums online (maybe get it signed ;)? You could add the sales page to your list of links... exploitation, yay!

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thank you! :-) You could definitely get a signed physical copy. You can order one here: Thanks for the tip about putting links on my page!!!


2014-09-05 23:05:26

Awesome, I'm picking one up via Paypal as soon as I'm done here :)

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thanks! :-)


2014-09-18 05:11:44

Ooh, I knew I forgot something, usually I shutdown the computer and reboot with stronger safeguards before I go shopping :\ It's copyrighted, yeah? Have you sent any discs out to agents or publishers?

Six-String-Ally responds:

It is copyrighted. I haven't sent out any discs to agents or publishers.