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On Cloud Nine

2013-06-07 09:42:10 by Six-String-Ally

I had a super awesome day last Friday! This Friday won't be able to compare! I got to see the results of my photo shoot and got some exciting news! Read about it here.

I'm super duper excited because I had my photo shoot for my first album!!!!! It's like a dream come true :-) You can read about it, and see some pictures from the shoot, here.

I'm super excited about my photo shoot this weekend!! I wrote a bit about the shoot's location here.

Sometimes I like to write about songs that I love, and a song the really puts me in a good mood (especially on an icky rainy day like today!!!) is "Under the Boardwalk." I posted about it here, and also linked to my cover of it.

Upcoming Photo Shoot

2013-05-10 09:02:24 by Six-String-Ally

The end of this month is the photo shoot for my first album TEMPTATION. I'm super excited about it! I blogged about the photographer I will be using. Check out the blog post here.

I posted about my first trip to South Korea here.

Last Day in Japan

2013-04-18 22:52:01 by Six-String-Ally

Want to visit Japan? On my last day in Japan I got to see a beautiful Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine, and Sakura park. Check out my post here.

First Day in Japan

2013-04-11 22:40:55 by Six-String-Ally

You can read about my first day in Japan here.

First Visit to Japan

2013-04-04 22:43:15 by Six-String-Ally

Read about my first visit to Japan here.

Disney World!

2013-03-29 21:07:06 by Six-String-Ally

Love the Magic Kingdom? Read about my trip to Disney here.